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Whether you’re in a studio apartment with no windows or a huge, lofty castle, every house usually comes with a few undesirable elements. You may not notice them when first stepping foot inside but the small problems linger. It’s that weirdly placed beam, or the fact that your porch faces a highway. 

Thankfully, upgrading your space can be done in just a few days with almost no extensive knowledge. Here are a few snazzy and cheap ideas you can use all around your home.

Use old wooden pallets

Create a few adorable wooden planter boxes to frame your outside entrance, create an asymmetrical bookshelf, or frame an old window to add a rustic look. Sanding them is important before you go painting anything, as splinters are definitely not a good home accent.

Hang unique mirrors to add light and make the room feel bigger

Placing mirrors in places like the staircase help the rooms flow together. Goodwill and thrift stores always have fabulous mirrors with great personality for cheap.

Incorporate unexpected (but tasteful) color

Add paint in uncommon places such as an island or corner walls to make your space pop when the light hits them. A little paint can really go a long way.

Wrapping yarn or a stencil around a paint roller can allow you to easily paint an even pattern in no time. Just be sure to remember how your color coincides with the room’s decor.

Also, remember that while color is fun, too much can make it look like a clown’s playroom. Remember the phrase “pops of color” and try to stay away from “It all has to be bright yellow!”

Use contrasting decorations

Contrasting decorations bring an incredible artsy feel to any room.

Try different pieces like pillows or paintings with different textures and patterns. A popular one is rustic wood or copper pieces mixed with paintings and interesting light fixtures. The placement of these contrasting pieces is important to remember so try looking at examples before you randomly start hanging things (cat patterns not recommended!).

Insert life

Adding a fish tank or a few succulents brings literal life into an empty space. Plants are becoming more and more of a popular look and they match with just about any kind of decor theme.

Try using hanging baskets or patterned pots, which you can also craft for cheap with some paint. Even if you can’t keep a real plant alive, a few fake plants are always appreciated.

With these super simple and easy ideas, your space will be your perfect spot in no time! Never underestimate the power of the things you already have. Whether it’s that old yarn or a broken glass (new candle holder, duh), you are bound to have a lot of fun if you put your creative mind to it.

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